RBRB Crew and Committee Welcomes Representatives of Sirius Mines

On Sunday morning, 3rd February, members of RBRB Crew and Committee welcomed representatives of Sirius mines to Runswick Bay to show them the excellent progress the association has made in developing and decorating the boathouse. This has been helped by a grant from Sirius of over £4,000 which allowed the boathouse to be painted externally and internally, floor to be fibre glassed and the main floor coated in a protective paint. This has enhanced the boathouse and with on-going works throughout 2019 will bring the boathouse up to the standard. The organisation would like to thank Sirius for their investment and hope they are pleased with our progress

Ribcraft Selected to Build the Next Rescue Boat

Following RBRB successful grant application from the DFT we are delighted to announce that Ribcraft have been selected as our chosen provider in building our new boat. Over the last few months a small sub-committee of seven members of the association have been investigating the most suitable options for replacing the boat and on Wednesday the proposal was made to the Committee for ratification which we are pleased to say was warmly welcomed. We are extremely excited by the new opportunities the boat will bring to our service and we would like to say thank you to the vendors who were unsuccessful in their bids. It was a very close call as to which boat we chose and it was felt all the vendors offered excellent proposals. We are hoping to have the new boat on station as our primary boat in early 2020.

Runswick Rescue Receives Vital Grant Funding from the Department for Transport

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat Association (RBRB) is delighted to announce that it has secured vital funding of almost £75,000 from the Department for Transport (DfT)’s Inshore and Inland Rescue Boat Grant Fund 2018/19. The DfT had received applications for nearly £2 million, against an available fund of £1 million, so competition was high. This is the first time RBRB has received a grant of such magnitude. The award allows us to purchase a new boat, new trailer, vital crew equipment, and some new radio equipment.
The Runswick Bay Rescue Boat was established in 1982 as a registered charity, and has relied largely on donations and fundraising from the local community. The DfT grant allows us to purchase much needed longer term capital equipment. However, the ongoing operation of the service will remain totally reliant on the type of fundraising activity that RBRB has relied on in the past. RBRB is an inshore facility which works in close co-operation with the RNLI and HM Coastguard, with a primary remit to ‘nip in the bud’ local incidents and to access difficult locations along the shoreline, particularly on either side of the bay where larger boats would struggle to gain access.
To support the local community, RBRB assist with many community water-based activities, for example, fishing competitions as well as local and national kayak events. Many pleasure fishing boats operate out of Runswick Bay, in addition to the large number of visitors that launch from the beach
“The new boat and trailer provided by the fund will see the crew able to launch more easily and quickly in case of emergency, regardless of the state of the tide or the volume of seaweed which collects at the base of their launch slipway,” said Peter Blenkinsop, Chairman. “New dry suits will provide valuable warmth and safety to the crew, who can experience hypothermia themselves very quickly when operating in the North Sea. The funding ensures a better and more effective service, and will have a positive impact for many years to come.”

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat receives generous donation from the Co-Op

Volunteer-run Runswick Bay Rescue Boat has gratefully received a £2512 donation from the Co-Op.
Named as a donor charity for the Co-Op’s local community fund, the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat was selected to be one of the local causes who benefit from the 1% donation the Co-Op give to members buying their own branded products, carrier bags and scratch cards.
Since November 2017 when the local community fund was launched, the Co-Op has raised £19 million for local causes nationwide.
The Runswick Bay Rescue Boat (RBRB) is extremely grateful for this donation. As a volunteer-led organisation, with volunteer crew members, the charity is always in need of funds to keep the operation going.
Formed in 1982, The RBRB is an inshore facility which works in close cooperation with the RNLI and HM coastguard with a primary remit to ‘nip in the bud’ incidents that are visible from the village and to access difficult locations along the shoreline where larger boats would struggle.
“This donation provides much needed funds which will be put towards further crew training and equipment over the next twelve months” said Peter Blenkinsop, Chairman. “The crew, committee and local Runswick Bay community would like to pass on their heartfelt thanks to the Co-Op – this money will make a huge difference.”

Sabic donate £500 to RBRB

rob-mobile-778Mike Taylor presented our Crew Leader, Rob Matthew, with a cheque for £500.  The donation was made on behalf of Sabic UK Petrochemical, Olelins 6 on Wilton Site, Redcar: The Scrap Metal Fund.  Mike nominated RBRB to Sabic as a recipient of the funds raised to show his gratitude for the help the rescue boat provided at the annual Kayak Fishing Festival held in Runswick Bay every year which Mike now organises.  RBRB are hugely grateful for this donation and Rob thanked Mike for his continued support.

RBRB Assists Stranded Couple

Photograph courtesy of Staithes Coastguard

Photograph courtesy of Staithes Coastguard

On Thursday 22nd September, just after 1800 hrs, RBRB received a pager call from the Coastguard to launch to assist an elderly couple who had become stranded by the rising tide on the rocky shore line near Fillet Tail, having been walking for six hours. Staithes Coastguard and Staithes and Runswick RNLI were also in attendance.

RBRB were required to get Crew onto the shore and recover the casualties to the Staithes boat All went well and Runswick Rescue returned to shore in fading light following Staithes RNLI into Runswick at around 7.20 pm.

Helmsman, Tom Dobson said: “This had the potential to be a very dangerous situation. The couple were elderly and, having taken a wrong turn, had spent many hours clambering over the rocks. They were tired and, with darkness approaching and a rising tide, did the right thing and called 999 for help.”

Despite their ordeal, both casualties were fine and well with no apparent injuries and returned to their car for their journey home.

Third call out in two weeks as heatwave brings people flocking to Runswick Bay

Air Ambulance on Runswick Bay beach

Air Ambulance on Runswick Bay beach

On 23rd August, on a very hot day, on Runswick Bay beach, RBRB Crew received a pager call to deliver the charity’s defibrilator to a suspected heart attack patient on the beach.  Runswick Rescue launching authority notified Humber Coastguard and initiated the Coastguard response.  Coastguard teams from Staithes and Skinningrove attended along with Helimed 99 which was already in the area.  We are pleased to report that the casualty made a full recovery.

RBRB at Whitby RNLI Weekend

We were honoured and proud to be asked again to take part in the display at the recent Whitby RNLI Lifeboat fundraising weekend. Congratulations to the Whitby crew for a fantastic fundraiser and thank you for everything you do to promote and support auxiliary services like RBRB in the regional community.


Singing The Praises of Folk Musicians

RBRB PresentationThe folk musicians who gather in the Elsinore every Tuesday evening were applauded by the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat Committee in June. Chairman Ian Dobson handed a certificate of thanks to the host of the evening Tony Maher. Tony with his wife Angie have been fronting the session at the Elsinore for over three years and two and a half years ago were asked if they would collect for the Rescue Boat. With the approval of landlord Len McKnight they put a collection box in the pub and customers are encouraged to donate to the cause. In the period they have been collecting they have managed to raise an astonishing £2,800 for the Rescue Boat. Ian Dobson warmly thanked Tony & Angie, the musicians, the landlord and staff and said that without such wonderful support the Rescue Boat could not continue to be the success that it has been. The Rescue Boat was founded in 1982 after the RNLI moved the station in 1977.

The Whitby Gazette published this on 26th June.

The Whitby Gazette published this on 26th June.