Spirit II: 2011-2014

Service Record


18-09-14 Report of missing person between Staithes and Runswick. Person found safe and well in Staithes. RBRB stood down.
15-09-14 Pager call from HMCG. Vessel with engine difficulties in fog off Runswick Bay Vessel was subsequently located as near Whitby and RBRB stood down
24-08-14 Phone call from ‘double ender’ fishing vessel with engine difficulties off Kettleness. Towed to Runswick.
21-07-14 Tasked again by North Yorkshire Police via HMCG to carry out further reconnaissance of the scene. Launched and reported back to North Yorkshire Police
18-07-14 Re-tasked by Humber Coastguard to recover casualty’s possessions from the scene. Recovered possessions to Runswick beach for Coastguard and North Yorkshire Police.
18-07-14 Pager call from Humber Coastguard to attend cliff fall victim at Kettleness. Stood by in rough seas as casualty airlifted by RAF
05-07-14 Kayaker reported to Boathouse smoke coming from a vessel. Vessel subsequently launched flares and mayday distress call. HMCG instructed RBRB to launch. Vessel found to be 30′ coble which had suffered engine failure and oil smoke. One sole on board found to be fit and well. Stood by until arrival of larger tow.
03-05-14 Launching Authority received a report of a man unconscious on the slipway. Crew attended and administered first aid until the arrival of the Crew Doctor and subsequently an ambulance.
27-08-13 Member of the public reported a girl fallen from the sea wall. Crew attended, administered first aid and monitored the casualty until the arrival of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
09-08-13 Report of two people cut off by the rising tide between Claymoor and Kettleness. Launched and commenced search. Stood down when the two individuals were found safe and well in the village.
06-07-13 Pager call received from HMCG with report of individuals stuck on cliffs to the north of Runswick Bay. Launched and searched to north, being joined in the search by Staithes RNLI. Eventually located casualties on cliffs to south of Runswick, monitored and passed GPS location to RAF Rescue 131.
16-06-13 Tasked by HMCG to launch to GPS position of RIB with engine problems with four souls on board off Sandsend boilers. Located RIB and towed to Runswick Bay where assistance was given by Staithes Coastguard with refuelling.
25-05-13 Inflatable boat sighted in heavy seas off Kettleness causing concern to bystanders. Launched and searched the area from Kettleness to Sandsend. HMCG were advised that no trace could be found. Returned to station.
25-05-13 Report of people cut off by the tide attempting to cross the cliffs by Hob Holes. Launched and intercepted. Safety advice given.
05-05-13 Member of the public reported, to Sandside Cafe, a man in a car on the slipway suffering heart problems. Ambulance called and RBRB Crew were advised by pager and in attendance within 2 minutes. RBRB Crew Doctor administered oxygen and monitored until ambulance arrived.
06-01-13 Call from 16′ vessel in Runswick Bay with engine problems. Launched and towed vessel, with five soles on board, back to Runswick Bay.
08-09-12 On return encountered boy on beach with possible fractured leg. Stretchered casualty to awaiting ambulance.
08-09-12 Member of public made 999 call to report injured fall victim at Claymoor Beck. .Assisted paramedics with stabilisation of casualty ready for transfer to ambulance waiting at Runswick Bay.
02-09-12 HMCG requested RBRB to respond to a call for help from a fall victim on Kettleness. Located casualty with suspected back injury. Liaised with HMCG to request launch of Rescue 128 from Leckonfield. Delivered paramedics from Runswick Bay to Kettleness and assisted RAF and paramedics with stabilisation of casualty and transfer to Rescue 128 for helivac.
24-07-12 Member of public reported man cut off by tide. Launched to investigate. Fisherman found to be safe and well.
21-07-12 Launched to assist boat with engine difficulties. Towed to beach.
21-07-12 Report of boat in difficulty. Launched to assist. Boat had fouled propellor which boat’s own crew had eventually managed to release.
05-06-12 Member of the public reported a suspected heart attack at a beach hut on the clay cliffs. Crew assessed casualty, set up comms, and co-ordinated the arrival of ambulance and HMCG cliff rescue team.
27-05-12 Member of the public reported a lady fallen on beach path with injured leg. Crew administered first aid. Casualty transferred to hospital by her family.
26-03-12 Member of public reported stranded dog on Kettleness Beach. Dog appeared lost and very weak. Launched and recovered by stretcher to waiting vet.
29-08-11 Member of the public reported surfer clinging to buoy outside gap mouth. Launched and recovered exhausted surfer to the beach.
21-08-11 HMCG notified launching authority of missing person. RBRB joined HMCG teams, RNLI and NY Police in search between Whitby and Runswick Bay. Missing person eventually located by NY Police.
01-08-11 HMCG notified launching authority of sailing boat in trouble near Kettleness. RBRB launched to confirm boat’s status. Engine problems now resolved and crew stood down.
31-07-11 Two children in separate incidents stung by weaver fish. Shore support crew administered first aid.
31-07-11 Fishing Boat “Flying Fox” run aground to the north of Jarvis’ Landing Hole. Evacuated crew and laid anchor to secure boat. Later returned to escort the refloated vessel to shore.
22-07-11 Contacted by HMCG following report by person on beach to upturned orange fishing kayak in severe surf near Claymore Beck, with one man clinging to it. Casualty returned  to shore, exhausted but unharmed. Returned to retrieved kayak and returned to shore.
26-06-11 2 children and 1 Adult in capsized Kayak to south of Runswick Bay.  Launched and located casualties to Kettleness Beach. Recovered 2 children and 1 Adult to Rescue 128 helicopter waiting on beach at Runswick. Relaunched and recovered Kayak from beach and ensured safe return of accompanying kayak.
21-06-11 Report of boat with enine problems rowing slowly  from Port Mulgrave towards Runswick.  Launched to 15ft fibreglass dinghy with 2 men on board, engine dead. Offer of assistance accepted and towed to shore.
19-06-11 HMCG tasked Spirit II to search for survivors after sunken boat discovered off Staithes harbour. Searched from Kettleness Point to Port Mulgrave.  Nothing found.
13-06-11 Launched after member of public spotted man cut off on Kettleness Point. Located man fishing, no further assistance required.
12-06-11 Launched to support Sailing Club Commodore’s Race Day. Assisted disabled catamaran from Kettleness to beach, 2 souls onboard.
24-05-11 Called by HMCG following report of person missing between Runswick Bay and Port Mulgrave Stood down by HMCG before launch, lady turned up safe and well.
23-04-11 Elderly lady fell on slipway and sustained fracture/dislocation to right ankle.  Ambulance Service called and first aid provided by Shore Support Crew
22-04-11 Member of public reported male falling on rocks.  Male casualty under influence of alcohol and in danger, suffering from effects of cold. On advice of HMCG, Police Service made aware.  Casualty kept warm until arrival of police.
15-04-11 Tasked by North Yorkshire Police to search for male reported missing.  HMCG advised and search carried out from Old Nab to Kettleness.  Part of major search pattern over 4 days. Crew reported nothing found.
09-04-11 Tasked by HMCG to locate 2 male youths stuck on cliff 200m south of Claymore Beck, 20m above sand. Facilitated Helivac 128 and guided cliff team 2 man stabilised  descent.  Evacuated casualties from beach after helilift and recovered to boathouse.
05-02-11 Launched on service to 4m RIB with engine failure drifting onto Red Scar.  Took RIB under tow, recovered owner and dog to slipway.