Spirit Of Runswick: 2007-2010

Service Record


05-Sep-10 Tasked to inverted catamaran off kettleness point. Gave assistance to right catamaran.
28-Aug-10 Member of public presented at Boathouse with a weaver fish sting on foot. Treated sting and referred own doctor.
23-Aug-10 Launched to advise skipper of ketch moored in Runswick Bay of falling tide, heavy swell and chance of grounding at low water. Ketch moved under own steam to deeper water.
22-Aug-10 Alarm raised for inflatable dinghy blowing out to sea with swimmer attempting to recover.

Launched on service to recover dinghy and swimmer. Safety advice given.


Tasked to take over escort of powerboat returning to Runswick under auxiliary engine.

Escorted to Runswick.
01-Aug-10 Launched to investigate a report of small dinghy drifting towards Whitby. Located dinghy in failing light and increasing wind. Established crew of three in no danger and returned to station.
17-Jul-10 Launched on service to a capsized Wayfarer dinghy off Cobble Dump with 2 souls on board. Casualties unable to right swamped dinghy.

Casualties recovered to beach. Returned to take swamped dinghy under tow and recover to beach.

10-Jul-10 Launched to evacuate 2 souls trapped by tide at Red Scar. Recovered to beach.
10-Jul-10 Tasked to investigate dinghy with 2 souls on board drifting off Lingrow.

Dinghy and occupants recovered from rocks and returned to beach.

04-Jul-10 Launched to assist kayakers in strong offshore winds. All recovered to beach
30-Jun-10 Tasked by HMCG to search for and locate speed boat ‘hands-off’. Located off Skinningrove, taken under tow and recovered to Runswick Bay.
06-Jun-10 Launched to recover fishing boat with engine failure. Taken under tow and returned to beach.
06-Jun-10 Launched to recover powerboat with engine failure in Bay.Two souls on board.

Recovered to beach.

06-Jun-10 Vehicle and trailer stuck on rising tide. Assisted with launch of boat.
22-May-10 Tasked by police to search crowded beach for owner of a vehicle which had run down bank. Located owners and police advised.
27-Mar-10 Family attempting to recover beach ball blowing out to sea. Advice given and ball recovered.
28-Oct-09 First informant called at Royal Hotel to report a sighting of flares over the Bay. Crew mustered to identify paper lanterns drifting out to sea. Advised HMCG.
17-Aug-09 Launched to assist dinghy sailor, after loss of rudder from Topper dinghy. Single casualty recovered to shore with boat
15-Aug-09 First Aid treatment for young girl with sand in eye. Referred to own doctor.
03-Aug-09 Launched to assist kayak fisherman who had received a sting from a weaver fish. Recovered casualty, companion and two kayaks to landing to waiting ambulance for transport to Whitby Hospital. HMCG in attendance.
26-Jul-09 Launched on service to Bayliner Powerboat ‘Water Rat’ with one soul on board. Taken under tow and recovered to landing.
26-Jul-09 Launched to assist Dart catamaran after a capsize & blown on to Coble Dump The catamaran was righted and recovered to the beach at the Sailing Club. Two souls on board.
26-Jul-09 Re-tasked to recover Sailing Club Safety Boat with engine failure at Coble Dump. Taken under tow and recovered to the beach at the Sailing Club. Three souls on board.
24-Apr-09 Group of people cut off by the tide on the clay cliff by the slipway. Evacuated elderly, less able female with arm injury by sea to the boathouse slipway. Other members of the party made way up cliff.
24-Oct-08 HMCG tasked Staithes RNLI and RBRB to search for man and daughter missing 2 hours from Runswick Located by Staithes RNLI near new sea wall. Cut off by tide. Joint pick up and transported by boat to Runswick
25-Aug-08 Red Flare off kettleness, MV Milly with engine failure. RBRB attended within minutes.  HMCG informed Boat and 2 crew safely towed back to Runswick Bay
17-Aug-08 Cabin cruiser Last Shout in bay with fouled prop and crew men with hypothermia. Assisted RNLI Whitby and Staithes to recover vessel and crew and transport to Whitby Crew treated by Staithes Doctor and boat towed to Whitby, first by Staithes then Whitby RNLI
10-Aug-08 Catamaran in difficulty on wyke, RBRB launched to assist tow with sailing club rescue boat. HMCG Informed All returned to shore safely
09-Aug-08 Dinghy on steel. Lee shore 4 crew members assisted in recovery, boat not launched. Brought crew and equipment safely to shore from sailing club. All sorted without launch
07-May-08 On practice then called to assist in search between Runswick and Port for missing person. Large search including HMCG and Helicopter, Staithes RNLI and police. Person found fit and well inland
22-Nov-07 Call by HMCG to assist in search for missing walker between Runswick and Staithes Launched in rough deteriorating weather Returned to station after short time. Man climbed cliff and went back to hotel?
12-Sep-07 Passer by went into royal hotel saying they had seen lights on kettleness On exercise called to investigate discovered people in a tent having a fire half way up the cliff
08-Sep-07 Visiting sailor fell on rocks injuring chest Ambulance in attendance RBRB helped return him to his boat in Bay and helped with co ordination returned to his boat and proceeded to Whitby
01-Sep-07 Lady on beach unwell Escorted back to safety by crew
28-Aug-07 Passer by reported to café saying they had seen flashing light at sea off kettleness point d/w/hmcg, launched to investigate, nil found possible reflection of sun from boat
29-Jul-07 Taking part in Whitby RNLI display, helped search for 2 swimmers washing out to sea 1 rescued by sea king 1 by Whitby ILB
08-Jul-07 Broken down double end coble JT Gannet, Barry Smith and Malcolm Saville plus 1 adult and 2 children Came across on exercise needing help, simple tow job to shore from bay
03-Jul-07 Sailing club rescue boat and 2 dinghies’ in trouble off steel Launched to stand by, HMCG informed No assistance required SC Safety boat dealt with things
07-May-07 Speedboat broken down off the wyke Simple tow job adult and 2 children