Lady Normanby: 1992-2000

Service Record


21-Apr-00 2 youths reported on Kettleness cliff fall Cleared from danger area
02-Apr-00 (twice) Unidentified devise floating in Bay Assisted Bomb Disposal unit
03-Sep-99 4 pers. reported possibly trapped by tide False alarm / Good intent
29-Aug-99 Red flare sighted in Bay Towed broken down MFV back to village
24-Aug-99 RB search for cas./ Kettleness cliff fall Recovered 7 persons to village
06-Jun-99 Camper in difficulty with dinghy in surf RB assisted recovery of man & equipment
09-May-99 3 youths on rock armour RB cleared them from scene
21-Oct-98 Three persons trapped by tide Transported back to village
20-Oct-98 Three persons trapped by tide Escorted to safety
09-Sep-98 Boat swamped on its moorings Recovered craft to beach
25-Aug-98 Dinghy capsized Recovered boat & crew to safety
31-Aug-97 Fishing boat overdue Vessel turned up safe
31-Aug-97 Two divers reported missing Turned up safe after combined search
09-Jul-97 Yacht in difficulties Subsequently passed tow to Whitby RNLI
06-Jul-97 Exhausted dog on beach Transported pet and owner to village
21-Jun-97 Two persons trapped by tide Transported to safety
29-May-97 Fall victim with leg injury Located. Assisted in heli evacuation
28-May-97 Seasick victim off Runswick Transported to shore
11-Apr-97 Two surfers in difficulty Recovered both to safety
29-Dec-96 Resumed search for missing person Combined search. Nothing found
16-Dec-96 Report of missing person Combined search. Nothing found
23-Jun-96 Cliff fall victim Relayed comms for HMCG
12-Apr-96 Fishing Boat broken down Towed back to Runswick
20-Sep-95 Capsized dinghy reported during night Recovered body to beach
01-Sep-94 Cabin Cruiser reported missing Combined search found nothing
01-Aug-94 Dinghy in distress Towed back to beach
29-Jul-94 Fishing boat broken down Stood by until arrival of Whitby RNLI
30-May-94 Speed boat broken down Towed back to shore
01-Oct-93 Distress flares reported False Alarm
25-Aug-93 Yacht requested escort in heavy sea Escorted back to Whitby
23-Jul-93 Red flare reported off Kettleness Located fishing boat. Towed ashore
23-May-93 CG suspected yacht in difficulty Located vessel, found to be out of difficulty
11-Oct-92 Suspected persons trapped on cliff False alarm
15-Sep-92 Boy fallen on rocks Recovered to awaiting parent
12-Jul-92 Sailing dinghy in difficulty Towed back to shore
01-Jul-92 Boat in danger of swamping Found safe anchorage. Later recovered boat
26-Jun-92 Man with suspected broken ankle Carried back to awaiting ambulance
09-May-92 Boy trapped on cliff Located and assisted C/G in rescue
19-Apr-92 Called to assist people trapped by tide Found to be in safe position
18-Apr-92 Boat with broken rowlock Recovered boat and 3 occupants