Enita Margaret: 2000-2006

Service Record


01-Jan-07 HMCG called for assistance in search for overdue walker on Cleveland Way Worked with HMCG Walker located by HMCG and transported to Runswick bay
19-Sep-06 HMCG Requested help for Lady stranded south of Kettleness point Worked with Whitby boat to collect and deliver casualty safely to Runswick Bay beach
16-Aug-06 HMCG Call help search for missing person off Whitby Search ended at night fall nothing found. Body recovered from Whitby beach following day
14-Jul-06 Engine failure on fishing boat Towed to Runswick, 2 on board
05-Jul-06 Stranded walker Picked up from Lucky Dogs Hole and transported to Sandsend beach
26-Aug-05 Inflatable dinghy blowing out to sea Women and child picked up & returned safely.
13-Aug-05 Sailing boat + 2 men in difficulty Took tow from Whitby RNLI into Runswick.
02-May-05 2 canoes reported in difficulty Stood by. No further assistance required.
11-Aug-04 Man trapped on cliff Located cas. Assisted CG in his recovery.
13-Aug-03 3 children blowing out in dinghy Picked up & returned to beach
10-Aug-03 Fishing boat broken down Diverted from exercise to tow back to village
18-Jan-03 2 persons trapped by tide Picked up & transported to village
09-Sep-02 Search cliffs for trapped person False alarm, good intent
06-Sep-02 Suspected heart attack victim From Kettleness to awaiting ambulance
14-Jul-02 Fishing boat broken down Diverted from exercise to tow back to village
19-May-02 Speedboat broken down in the Bay Towed boat + 5 persons back to village
28-Apr-02 Visiting yacht wound up in pots Diverted from exercise to assist
07-Apr-02 Faller with suspected broken hip RB personnel assisted & carried to ambulance
29-Jul-01 Dinghy blowing out to sea Child occupant picked up by another dinghy
29-Jul-01 Fall victim on rock armour RB personnel assisted & carried to ambulance
01-Jul-01 Fall victim with broken arm Administered First Aid until evacuated by RAF
23-Jun-01 2 walkers reported trapped by tide Searched area. Suspected false alarm
28-May-01 Speedboat broken down in Bay Towed boat + 3 persons back to village
27-May-01 Called to assist injured crewman Administered First Aid to yachtsman’s hand
27-Nov-00 Walker stuck in mud at Claymoor Stood to. Rescued by RAF heli already in area
02-Oct-00 2 policemen stranded on roof RB crewmen recovered both to dry land of flooded vehicle
20-Sep-00 Stood to to assist trimaran Crewman taken off by Staithes RNLI dragging its anchor
02-Sep-00 Launched to assist trimaran Stood to until towed to Whitby by RNLI moored in Bay
13-Aug-00 Red flare reported in Bay False alarm, good intent
29-Jul-00 Fishing boat broken down Towed boat + 2 crew back to village
02-Jul-00 Stood-to to assist with flood relief No action reqd upon arrival at Skinningrove
17-Jun-00 Topper dinghy blowing out to sea Recovered dinghy + 1 person to village
04-Jun-00 Life raft lost from passing yacht Located & recovered to village