Video Gallery

RBRB Delivers Raffle Prize to Esk Bell Fundraiser – 24th August 2010

Chairman Swims from Runswick Bay to Whitby to Raise Money for RBRB – 11th September 2010

RBRB Weekend – 8th August 2010

RBRB had two boats available to it at the time of this display. One being the Spirit of Runswick and the other being the new Gemini which eventually replaced it.

2010 RBRB Weekend

Launch of the Lady Normanby – 19th April 1992

The Lady Normanby was launched on 19th April 1992. She was blessed by the Bishop of Whitby and named by the Lady Normanby herself. The video was kindly taken by E Norton of Port Mulgrave. The full video has been divided into scenes – click on the thumbnails below to load the video (in Windows Media ‘wmv’ format).

Arrival of the Dignatories

Arrival of the Dignatories 2m15s

Chairman's Speech

Chairman’s speech, blessing and naming 6m35s

Launch & Exercises

Launch and exercises 3m14s

President's Speech

President’s speech and cake cutting 5m09s