A Busy Day In Runswick Bay

On Sunday 31st July at 9:50am the fast fisher ‘Silver Fox’ strayed onto rocks at the northern end of Runswick Bay on a falling tide. Runswick Bay Rescue Boat crew on shore readying for that day’s annual display launched to assist. The IRB (Inshore Rescue Boat) evacuated the boat’s two crew. When the tide finally turned, the boat was retrieved.

In the meantime while the tide was low, two children were brought to the boathouse after playing in sand near the shore requiring first aid. Both had grabbed weever fish and had been stung. First aid was administered by Runswick Bay Rescue Boat’s shore support crew. “This shows the dangers posed at low tides. Weever fish bury themselves just under the sand and if disturbed can inject a painful venom”

At 3:30pm the Runswick Bay Rescue boat began their annual display close to shore in the bay. A large crowd watched as the IRB crew demonstrated a variety of techniques used in a range of rescues. A pair of canoes, a sailing dinghy, and a fishing boat were’ rescued’ and the IRB crew demonstrated the boat’s extraordinary handling. Commentary by the Crew Leader kept the crowd informed as to what they were watching giving them facts about Runswick Bay Rescue Boat throughout the exercise.

This was the culmination to a very successful weekend of fundraising events which included a raft race, a visit by the Coble and Keelboat society and demonstrations of lobster pot making and Gansey knitting.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat is a totally independent organisation and relies entirely on its own fundraising.