Folk Night at The Friendship

The annual Folk Night, organised by Nick and Christine Scaife, has raised another fantastic sum for RBRB.  We are truly endebted to these stalwarts of fundraising (and other involvements, being Secretary and running the Friends of RBRB for us for some time too!) for their continuing marvellous contributions to keeping our service alive and thriving.

The RBRB Choir

The RBRB “Choir”

The RBRB choir turned out in support and ‘entertained’ the crowds.

Nick Scaife said later:  “we had a fantastic night, the singing and music was excellent, one of the best nights we’ve had and I think everyone had a great time. We managed to raise a superb sum of six hundred and eighty one pounds fifteen pence. £681.15 so a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed. I do not want to note individuals for fear of missing someone out but everyone gave generously and the Runswick Gold Ale was rather nice!”

The Lucky Winners

Some of the ‘lucky’ winners

Six lucky winners also had the opportunity to try it for themselves, taking to sea in the rescue boat, the following Sunday morning.

Our thanks to the Scaifes as we look forward again to the start of another season.  Easter is only a few weeks away and RBRB is ready, with the newly installed and issued pagers now in situ and winter training having gone very well.