Guisborough Scouts Visit RBRB

Guisborough ScoutsA group of cubs from the 3rd and 6th Guisborough Scouts were treated to an educational talk by the crew of the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat on Saturday afternoon.

The cubs, who had been staying at Kettleness, walked along the Ceveland Way to Runswick Bay where they enjoyed lunch, fossil hunting and the teachings of RBRB’s new PR and Recruitment Officer, Robbie Stewart. In the picture above, Robbie explains the importance of safety at sea, the workings of the rescue boat and the need for volunteer services such as ours.
Later on the cubs were treated to a display of the capabilities of the boat, and the value of wearing appropriate sea survival kit, when Colin, one of the group leaders, ‘fell’ out of the rescue boat and needed to be ‘rescued’.

RBRB is very grateful for the donation and we hope that everyone benefited from the visit.