RBRB Assists Stranded Couple

Photograph courtesy of Staithes Coastguard

Photograph courtesy of Staithes Coastguard

On Thursday 22nd September, just after 1800 hrs, RBRB received a pager call from the Coastguard to launch to assist an elderly couple who had become stranded by the rising tide on the rocky shore line near Fillet Tail, having been walking for six hours. Staithes Coastguard and Staithes and Runswick RNLI were also in attendance.

RBRB were required to get Crew onto the shore and recover the casualties to the Staithes boat All went well and Runswick Rescue returned to shore in fading light following Staithes RNLI into Runswick at around 7.20 pm.

Helmsman, Tom Dobson said: “This had the potential to be a very dangerous situation. The couple were elderly and, having taken a wrong turn, had spent many hours clambering over the rocks. They were tired and, with darkness approaching and a rising tide, did the right thing and called 999 for help.”

Despite their ordeal, both casualties were fine and well with no apparent injuries and returned to their car for their journey home.