Auction at The Runswick Bay Hotel

RobbieThe fantastic sum of £1,000 was raised at a charity auction on Saturday 22nd October at the Runswick Bay Hotel. Robbie Stewart, landlord, auctioneer and organiser off the event, is splitting the funds between the local RNLI and RBRB. As a helmsman on the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat himself, Robbie was keen to acknowledge the invaluable help and support that has been given to RBRB by Whitby RNLI. “It is absolutely right that we raise money for all the local voluntary services and I particularly wanted to say thank you to Whitby RNLI because of everything they have done to help us” said Robbie.

Model Lifeboat
The main auction lot was this beautiful, hand built, model of a Watson Class lifeboat, the same class as Whitby’s own Mary Ann Hepworth which remained in service until 1974. The donor, who built the model himself, wishes to remain anonymous although it is fitting that we thank him publicly here for such a generous donation.

Brass Binnacle
Another auction lot was this stunning brass binnacle.

Robbie wishes to express his thanks to all of the donors and all of the bidders who combined to make the evening such a success.

Guisborough Scouts Visit RBRB

Guisborough ScoutsA group of cubs from the 3rd and 6th Guisborough Scouts were treated to an educational talk by the crew of the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat on Saturday afternoon.

The cubs, who had been staying at Kettleness, walked along the Ceveland Way to Runswick Bay where they enjoyed lunch, fossil hunting and the teachings of RBRB’s new PR and Recruitment Officer, Robbie Stewart. In the picture above, Robbie explains the importance of safety at sea, the workings of the rescue boat and the need for volunteer services such as ours.
Later on the cubs were treated to a display of the capabilities of the boat, and the value of wearing appropriate sea survival kit, when Colin, one of the group leaders, ‘fell’ out of the rescue boat and needed to be ‘rescued’.

RBRB is very grateful for the donation and we hope that everyone benefited from the visit.

RBRB Has a New Crew Leader

After almost three seasons in office, it is time for RBRB to say thank you to Andy Monaghan who stepped down as Crew Leader on 31st August 2011. Andy took on the role of Crew Leader at a difficult time for the charity, when volunteer numbers were diminished and the future was looking decidedly shaky. Andy has been an instrumental part of the team that has revived our fortunes although, as with all volunteer organisations, it will always remain a challenge to find willing crew and committee to continue the important work that RBRB carries out.

We are therefore very pleased to announce the appointment of Tom (Dobbo) Dobson as our new Crew Leader. Tom joined the Rescue Boat in 2008 and has trained and worked hard to win the unanimous support of the crew in this promotion. Tom is a qualified RYA instructor and has enormous skills not just in boat handling and safety but also in all aspects of the maintenance of the service. Tom has also served on the committee since 2009.

Graham Naylor, who succeeded Tom Bottomley as Chairman at the AGM earlier this year, commented; “We are terrifically lucky to have people like Dobbo in our organisation. He is an extremely talented individual who has the full support of crew, committee and supporters alike and we wish him the very best of luck in his new role.”

As part of the ongoing evolution of RBRB, Tom will be supported by a new operational structure and we are also very pleased to announce the following operational promotions to support Tom in his new role:

• Boat and Boathouse Officer, Dave Walker supported by Lewis Clarke and Phil Metcalfe
• Quality Assurance Officer, Mike Sewell
• Training Officer, Simon Blackburn
• Recruitment and PR Officer, Robbie Stewart
• Duties Officer, Neil Suckling
• Communications Officer, Tom Bottomley


A Busy Day In Runswick Bay

On Sunday 31st July at 9:50am the fast fisher ‘Silver Fox’ strayed onto rocks at the northern end of Runswick Bay on a falling tide. Runswick Bay Rescue Boat crew on shore readying for that day’s annual display launched to assist. The IRB (Inshore Rescue Boat) evacuated the boat’s two crew. When the tide finally turned, the boat was retrieved.

In the meantime while the tide was low, two children were brought to the boathouse after playing in sand near the shore requiring first aid. Both had grabbed weever fish and had been stung. First aid was administered by Runswick Bay Rescue Boat’s shore support crew. “This shows the dangers posed at low tides. Weever fish bury themselves just under the sand and if disturbed can inject a painful venom”

At 3:30pm the Runswick Bay Rescue boat began their annual display close to shore in the bay. A large crowd watched as the IRB crew demonstrated a variety of techniques used in a range of rescues. A pair of canoes, a sailing dinghy, and a fishing boat were’ rescued’ and the IRB crew demonstrated the boat’s extraordinary handling. Commentary by the Crew Leader kept the crowd informed as to what they were watching giving them facts about Runswick Bay Rescue Boat throughout the exercise.

This was the culmination to a very successful weekend of fundraising events which included a raft race, a visit by the Coble and Keelboat society and demonstrations of lobster pot making and Gansey knitting.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat is a totally independent organisation and relies entirely on its own fundraising.

Runswick Bay Crew Come to Aid of Stricken Dinghy

Whitby Gazette Online – Published on Tuesday 21 June 2011 11:00

TWO men on board a dinghy attempted to row it back to the shore at Runswick Bay after the engine failed.

Luckily a member of the public on the cliffs at Port Mulgrave spotted them at about 7.30pm on Monday and rang a crewman from the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat to ask advice.

A crew was immediately mustered and the Humber coastguard notified.

Runswick Bay Rescue Boat then launched to find a 15 foot fibreglass dinghy with a dead engine still being rowed in the direction of Runswick.

The two men onboard were safe, unharmed and well equipped with life jackets but faced with a long and tiring row to shore.

They gratefully accepted assistance and were towed safely to shore. The rescue boat was stood down at 8.10pm

Wang-Tastic Day – Whitby Gazette

Wang-tastic DayAn amazing total of £2,537.73 was raised for Runswick Bay Rescue Boat at the 4th annual wellie wanging event held in the Village on Sunday 1st May.

On behalf of everyone at RBRB we would like to offer our sincere thanks to Robbie, Kelly and all of the fun day organisers, helpers, donors and participants. This fantastic sum will cover a substantial proportion of the running costs for the Rescue Boat in 2011.